Thanks for your interest in Lutra City Mysteries!

The French & Horn Detective Agency in Lutra City is looking for freelance detectives. Join them in solving cases and uncovering the mysteries of Lutra City.

Lutra City Mysteries are full length adventure games. Solve puzzles and progress through the story using the innovative Stand Off Games HUD. These games are seriously challenging! They are not "hunts." They are full featured adventure games along the lines of King's Quest, Day of the Tentacle, or Monkey Island. Come prepared to use your brain to solve complex puzzles and have fun!
Your Vulture Air Adventure, will start off with a flight from your designated airport.  Your Captain will then safely land at your designated airport.  You will be wisked away on board our Gridhound Bus Lines, state of the art, modern & clean bus, where your Mystery Adventure Game will begin.
Gridhound Bus Lines - Professional Bus Service to anywhere on the Second Lif Grid
Once you arrive at the Terminal - get a FREE ticket from our kiosk. 

Click on the Terminal.  It will deposit a ticket to your inventory.
Find the ticket in your inventory in the "objects" folder and wear it.  Grant Permission and you're now ready to board the bus.   Enjoy your adventure brought to you exclusively by Vulture Air.
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